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Follow up case plz help ☺

It’s my first follow up after 8 months of cyberknife surgery . What is done at first.mri or dsa…if its still seen in mri ,is dsa necessary to be done…??i just want to know before I met my doc…?what was done in your case…??

I had a one year post gamma knife MRI and basically it was see you in another year. They can’t see the AVM but it may still be there so after another year and MRI an angio will likely follow. Clock is still running!

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U mean u still have avm and haven’t done dsa after treatment…and after 1 year u will do angiogram right…??i am confused by yr word…:blush:

No angiogram for another year for me.

Thanku. .

At my first MRI after GammaKnife, it showed that the AVM was shrinking, but that I had some slight swelling. I was prescribed a round of prednisone and soon felt better. I had follow up MRI every 6 months to check on the shrinking “progress”. Angiogram was planned for 2 years post-Gamma Knife to make sure it was gone.

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I had my one year post GK MRI last March…they told me that it’s shrinking, which is good, and it also means there’s a reason to believe it will keep doing so and, similarly to JD12, see you again in a year. I’m booked for the 4th of April, so let’s see what happens.
But to answer your question, from what I’ve been told once they are fairly certain, based on your MRI, that it’s shrunk enough and no more GK is needed, that’s when they do a DSA to make sure. Until then it’s a check-up every year with a slight chance of another gamma knife if there’s no progress, but hopefully that won’t be your case.
Best of luck with your follow up!


Thanku people