Follow Up App 1: 7th August 2008

I flew to Sydney for my check up @ the prince of wales hospital, after a terrible flight, I settled to get myself feeling better. I booked in for my MRI and headed to the cubicle to get changed…note to self, choose practical underwear next time! MRI lasted about 25 minutes, with the Dye.

  • Dr’s comments & results
  • No change to the size of AVM: Prepared myself for that, it’s only early days. :slight_smile:
    *Advised against travelling: - There goes my round the world trip!
    *Check up again in 6 months: Get to see family and friends! :slight_smile:
    *I can drink alcohol, but not to the extent that I get drunk :slight_smile: …maybe ONE.
    *Still no exerting exercise

Hi, Jaszi. Soundds like you got the news that you pretty much expected. When he advised you against travelling, did he say why?

Hello Jaszi . You are fabulous . You are magnificent . You are not only a beacon of hope and strong will , you are so very amusing young woman . Is there actualy such a thing as “practical underware” ? Be good to you . Take care of you . You are in my prayers . You keep making your days as good as they can be…

by way of practical underwear i mean not a g string!! kind of funny when you wear one and u have the tie up nighties (which never tie up) and my bum is walking up the corridor :stuck_out_tongue: