Follow up Angiogram

I had my 2 year post radiation treatment angiogram done Thursday. My doctor told my husband that it had shrank “a lot”. I didn’t get to speak to him. I have a follow up appointment on October the 8th. I will see Dr. Tawk and Dr Peterson ( my radiation oncologist ). Does anyone think that they would discuss things with me over the phone. For example, “What do we do now?”, “Will I see you in a year for another angio?”. I would like to see them face to face. However my husband, most likely will be working. He thought it was the 7th. He doesn’t want me driving by myself to Jacksonville. I’m ok with it. But he on the other hand is not. I called them today to see if they would be ok with discussing my case over the phone. I haven’t heard back from them yet. I really want to go to them though. I just don’t want to reschedule, because I already had that day off and it is hard sometimes to get appointments with doctors on the same day.

My doctor's had no problem discussing with me my status, post angiogram. However every doctor is different. Plus I live in New York and I'm not sure if there are certain laws in Florida that forbid them from discussing anything over the phone.

I hope it goes well for you! Best of luck.