fMRI is the coolest test ever!

So I hate, of course, that a brain defect is why I had the test, but it was such a fascinating test. The brain/nerve connection amazes me. It knew when I THOUGHT something incorrectly! I also might be the only one who can say this (my dad refuses to get an MRI due to his claustrophobia), but if I had a bed in the exact shape of an MRI machine that would vibrate and thump like that, I'd sleep like a baby.

After I was done doing the functions (it was so hard to keep my mind focused on that one task), they had to completely do new images of everything else. Apparently, the original MRI pics that I got after my grand mal were not very good. They also wanted to see if anything had changed.

We get to meet with the neurosurgeon tomorrow to get the final results and go over his recommendation. I hate to say that I am excited, but I am. I want to tackle this thing head on and get it taken care of. If anything, its presence has given me a new respect for life and a new respect for my family.

I hope with all my heart that I am a candidate for surgery and that the prognosis afterwards is good. Unfortunately, I also know that my AVM lies right in between my motor strip and my speech center. I kinda would like to talk and I kinda would like to be able to move. We will see tomorrow I guess.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a daaaaaay awaaaaay!"

I understand your excitement. I was the same way when I met the dr who was going to perform my gamma knife. I wasn't nervous at all. I was just excited that it was going to be taken care of.

I have to say: "You're not right."..(laughing). I've had more MRIs than I can count and I don't find them pleasant at all. I would much rather have an angiogram any day of the week. Probably because they put me out there in la-la land and I feel happy about everything. At least until the anesthesia wears off... lol