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Flying off tomorrow


Hi all

Tomorrow i’m flying off to China since having SRS treatment in year 2015.

In March 2018 had an angiogram & they can’t find the mentioned AVM.
My Doc said should be fine to fly but yet i’m still worry/nervous.

What should i expect when flying? Can anyone give me some ideas?

Good Day

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You should be fine planes are pressurized; I didn’t have any problems flying after my AVM surgery


Yes planes are great and just fly your life. After my AVM Survivor, I flew to Hong Kong…Philippine and a few other places. just sit back…relax and enjoy the moments!


Absolutely agree with the above opinions. No problems while flying after AVM embolization. Relax )


Hope you’re having a great time!


Hey everyone
I am back !!!
Yes, everything is GREAT. No problem at all.

Thank you guys for the advise… :slight_smile:

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