Flying and High Elevations with AVM?

Hi all,

Looking for some guidance. This is probably a question for my neurologist, but I wanted to see if anyone has been restricted from airplanes or being on mountaintops at high elevations as a result of having an AVM. Mine was just discovered and has not ruptured.

Thank you, bless.


Hi Mayawolf, it would definitely be something to discuss with your doctors, however I was told to not fly before surgery but after was fine in doing so…God bless!

Hi MayaWolf
Mine was discovered and not ruptured the same as you. I am over 2 years post op now and haven't flown long haul since. I live in New Zealand and have family back in the UK. I used to go back at least once every couple of years, but a 36 hour long haul flight worries the life out of me.
I did ask my surgeon and he told me that I was fine to fly and that was last year. I am still a bit nervous of doing a long haul flight, however I have done a 2 hour flight from Auckland to Queenstown NZ last year and I was fine.
How long have you been post op?
The best thing to do is ask your neurosurgeon.

I have an active AVM. My only real restriction is no SCUBA until it is obliterated. I have flown several times since my AVM was discovered in 2011. I've had 4 Gamma Knife radiation treatments, and the AVM is slooowly shrinking. I live in Texas, and in the past few years I've flown to Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Houston, Washington D.C., and Mexico.


I have left leg AVM with foot ulcer that will bleed once in a while. I been flying twice for long hours flight 27-35 hours from Malaysia to USA/ Mexico. It works ok for me. After back from Mexico i stop Amsterdam few days. I walked a lot in a chill weather and make my leg sore. After almost a week back in Malaysia, my leg suddenly bleed terribly. I don’t think it is due to the plane. But most likely to the chill weather. Now i just cant stand in aircond room too long. My leg feel sore.