Flying After having an brain AVM

My Brain Avm happened in 2010 which caused a stroke. After rehab and gamma knife everything seems to be going back to normal, other than some muscle memory loss, minor headaches and minor loss of depth perception, I wanted to know if flying on a plane is something that can cause high blood pressure, enough to cause some damage? I cannot talk to my primary neurosurgeon who operated on me since I am on a different insurance plan and the new neurosurgeon I have does not seem to know what he is doing. Any suggestions? I would only be flying to Mexico D.F.

Hi Deagles. Since we do not know your complete medical history…you really should ask your doctor. Most commercial airplanes are pressurized at about 7000 ft altitude.
In the event of a decompression the oxygen masks will automatically drop. Please pull the mask toward you and cover your nose and mouth, slip the elastic band over your head and breath normally. To tighten pull the tab on each side of the mask. The plastic bag may not inflate when oxygen is flowing. Secure your own mask before assisting others.
I am so sorry…could not resist. I am a Flight Attendant. I am a rare bird (pun intended). I flew prior to my AVM bleed…during the bleed(long story) and after my bleed.
Your neurologist should be able to tell you if it is safe. I do fly to Mexico all the time. Oh and trust me no one will breath normally if those masks pop out!

I'm a 2012 stroke-bleed then Cyber-Knife AVMer. I was supposed to go to Mexico two days after I was stuck in the hospital for 6 weeks. I'm older than you, but last January I told my Primary I'm flying to Florida. No questions at all, and the doctor said nothing. I just lived life as full as possible. I think the oxygen is fine in a plane...I chew gum! Hope you get to go...I'll get to Mexico soon, as soon as I feel better! Best of luck!

Barbara is right...ask your doctor, but I flew 6 months after my rupture and didn't have a problem.

I would still try to find a Doctor to ask. I think any medical Dr. that you can go see would be able to answer your question.
I do know that I did fly home 3 weeks after having brainstem surgery. I was in pretty back shape, but needed to get home. :) Everything went just fine. I did get the okay from my Neurosurgeon first. I did get a slight headache, but at that time, everything did. :)

Thank you all for the information. I will be making an appointment to see my neurosurgeon so I can get the OK to fly.

Well if they let you go…be sure and post some pics here!

For me heights have been an issue. But I think everyone is different. I went on the Eifile tower experience in Vegas and it wasn’t so fun. Great view but I had issues with my head. I would seek a second opinion and get your medical records.

I would always double check with your neurosurgeon but I had a ruptured aneurysm and an untreated AVM and since my brain surgery last year to treat my aneurysm I can't tell you how many times I have flown with no issues, in both large pressurized airplanes and small non-pressurized airplanes.

I am sure your doc will give you the okay though and please take lots of pictures and HAVE FUN!!!

I haven't had a rupture, but I've flown several times since having Gamma Knife for my AVM & a craniotomy for my aneurysms. I

I'm a little late on this BUT I have been invited on an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii and (unfortunately) my first thought was, "Is it OK for me to fly?" I asked my neurologist who said it was fine. I still think each one of us should check with our own doctor since all AVMs are different.

I flew in May and it was fine honestly!! My Doctors okayed it they just didn't want me on a long distance plane ride. I had to go through the airplane service and print off medical papers. I also had my stroke/ brain bleed in 2010, lost the use of my arm and leg also.

Hi Louisa,

I know it's been a long time since you posted this comment, but I would like to ask something. July 11 I had a brain hemorrhage due to my dear AVM (4cm big, back and left side in my brain) and I had to stay in hospital for a month or so. My AVM is not operable, but doctors already treated it with Cyber-Knife 3 years ago and considering that nothing has changed, in May I have to have another Cyber-Knife.

My problem is: in Decembre I would like to fly to London, but it is only 4 months after my recover. You said you had no problem to fly after 6 months: no problem at all? What did you do once on the plane? Was it a long travel or not? (I'm fro Italy and so my flight would be just 2h long)

Thank you so much, hope you answer. Love from Italy

Katie how long of a flight did you go on ? My avm ruptured 2012 …have since had gamma knife and Dr said it has shrunk approximately 80% …thinking of flying in May … thank you

ive been on plenty of flying; india twice! So no problems. I asked my neuro doc said not to worry.

Ive had 3 bleeds, 2 GKR, and some of the bleed could not be destroyed.

I also went to alton towers a couple of years back, all free? Some of the rides was of course serious pressure. I asked the doc, and once again said dont worry about it - so i did - and enjoyed all the rides!

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I have traveled a lot now as well so I am no longer worried. :slight_smile:

My Dr said it should be ok for me to fly, but not as a pilot or un pressurized plane. However travel insurance an issue.

Does chewing gum help?
I do find myself slightly addicted to it now the I have been diagnosed with my AVMs, but thought it was because I grinding my teeth post a car accident a few years ago…