Florida's doctors

I can’t seem to navigate on here

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I am in the same boat. Keep trying, keep “looking around”. Look at topic Welcome.

Hi Charles and Skippy, yes te new site does take a little of getting used to, You guys I think can use the search facility to search for things just like on the old format, I did a search for Florida and click on this link for the results : http://www.avmsurvivors.org/search?q=Florida , Hope it helps :slight_smile: , Take care


Thanks martin. I see i have been in wrong rooms. Charles had brain bleed ,paralizing right side,speech . Right side moving now but trouble getting brain to move leg and arm when neededbut it is happening. Charles can nowtake a few steps and stand by the sink for more then ten mins. Difficult in therapy as it takes three people. He is in great spirits now with new tennis shoes and a brace built right into the show. Yesterday was first day. It does keep his foot from twisting.

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