Flip flop

so i have changed my mind again.

i posted earlier that i would be leaving the site after my dr gave me the all clear. well this week he did and it was the biggest weight off of my shoulders, even though i knew it was coming (bc of the clear mri last feb and the radiologist told me it was clear right after the angio) i was thoroughly relieved and have decided that i should stay and offer my support to those of you that have not beaten your avm yet, after all, didnt i join a service fraternity so that i could help people??

my journey was a mere 2 years, pretty much as short s you can get when dealing with avms

so i wish you all luck but i will be talking with some of you shortly!!



Hey Jess! We are so glad you have decided to stay and lend your story, your knowledge, and your support for the people newly facing this journey. You have a lot to offer and doesn’t it feel good to be able to provide all of that??? It’s so great to use our negatives in a way to help others. Just keep the cycle of helping going.
You’re a superstar!

Hi Jessica,

I was surprised to see you on here, but i, too am glad you decided to stay on here.

Your friend,


Aww…that’s so nice. We definitely need as many ‘happy ending’ people on here as possible. Good for you!

thanks everyone, glad to be here :slight_smile:

Jessica: That’s great sweetie but you are so needed here to give others hope and inspiration or advise… Thanks for reflecting and we are honored and so happy for you… God bless you sweetie! xoxo Mare