Flights and accommodations

Trying to figure out the logistics for my hospital visits in NYC is becoming frustrating and expensive. (Flights, hotels, etc.) Does anyone know of any financial or any other assistance that exists for this type of thing?

When I had my surgery it was just a two hour drive away, but my husband stayed in a hotel near by. The hospital had a concierge service that got him a pretty good discount. It still all adds up though.

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A quick google search came up with a few hits.

There are several for veterans, any chance you qualify?

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Hi Pam,
My hospital had a section on their website for ‘places to stay’. They had reduced rates for patients and relatives of patients staying at some local hotels. I don’t know if they have at your hospital or not but worth taking a look.
For last minute flights I have one word …Airmiles… if you don’t have any maybe some of your family/friends do.
Having an AVM can be expensive, but I’m sure the trade-off is that you are travelling to this hospital in NYC as you are confident you will get the best treatment there.

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Get in touch with the hospital’s social work office. Many have a list of places with medical rates and other resources.

Also, think creatively, even if it’s a wild possibility. When I had cancer my mom called the housing department at Rice University and I was able to rent a room in the graduate student dorm during my treatment. They hadn’t ever been asked before.

This website looks very promising, too, with a variety of resources:

Who we Are

Joe’s House is not an actual house, but a nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients and their families find a place to stay when traveling away from home for medical treatment.

What we Do

We list cancer treatment centers and hospitals across the country with nearby lodging facilities that offer a discount. Although Joe’s House caters to cancer patients, any patient, regardless of diagnosis may use the lodging facilities listed.

Need additional help? See our list of recommended resources.

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Thank you. I’m pretty much all in with my retirement $ now. After this trip there will probably only be one more.