Fitness, sauna and heat

Hello, I’m keen to hear other people’s experience of fitness and heat issues post-surgery. Have you used a sauna and steam room since your surgery? Is it safe to do so as it raises blood pressure, the same question I guess goes to working out/swimming too hard or stress.

I had a bleed in November 15 from an AVM in my right temporal lobe, emergency craniotomy, embolisation and just over 2 months later a second craniotomy to remove the AVM. I was told my angiogram 6 months later was clear.

So i’m coming up to almost a year since my second surgery. I get a variety of headaches nearly daily, especially if have done too much.

My surgeon advised give it a year before I attempt to run due to the pressure, which I’ve found when rushing for a train or being too heavy footed it causes headaches and when I get home I have headaches. In the meanwhile he said I can swim, and I’m building up to running again. So whilst I’m AVM-free I’m concerned by episodes when I get hot, or the temperature is warm I have headaches.

Thank you.

Due to the scar tissue on my brain from my avm rupture and 2 craniotomies I have to be careful over-heating or dehydrating myself while working out as I get headaches that can lead to simple partial seizures if I push it too hard. It has been just over 1 year since my 2nd surgery but my neurologist told me with the amount of scar tissue I may always be prone to the seizures. if I am not careful.

Hi Cathryn, I think you kind of answered your own question further down in your post :slight_smile: (Saying that you get headaches when its too warm, I guess anything that gives headaches is not great :slight_smile: ), Firstly the doctor would be best placed to let you know medically if you are in any risk in those situations, But from my own experiences, I am fine in both sauna and steam room for limited time, I prefer cool environments than hot ones. I also have headaches daily or different magnitudes, Depends on the circumstances of the day, If I sleep well and am rested then these are better but if I don’t sleep well and am stressed then this makes things worse, But I do love the water and swimming used to be one of the things I did all the time, Now I don’t but this is more because I don’t really have time, Kids and work take up my time :slight_smile: , I have been prescribed by my doctor a beta blocker (propranolol) that helps lower and regulate blood pressure and as far as I’m aware I have no side affects so feel fine, This for me is a win win and has helped with the Headaches also, Perhaps ask about it during you next appointment. Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:


i had 3 bleeds (scar tissue for release) and 2 GKR - i spend at least 3 evenings down to the sauna. Im a kean gym member, and ive spent 5 years hitting the sauna - so maybe over…600 times? No problem. I just make sure i dont over do it, say 4min and out or so. OPn occasion i may get a little dizzy if i over do it, but its safe for me.

as my neurologist says. find your limits and stay within them, listen to your brain and keep things in moderation if over- doing something affects you negatively.

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