Fish oil

has anyone tried fish oil?? i heard that it can help regain brain function

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I have but I’m not sure how much it helped me, its good for you and after my surgeries I started taking fish oil and a good multi vitamin also, I think the multi vitamin that was high in Vitamin D helped more than the fish oil I took (Krill oil to be exact) , A site I found good to find out which ones were good and which were not was Labdoor which rates them in both value for money and purity. Hope this helps.


I had heard the same thing about fish oil and am curious also. My bf is recovering from a Cavernoma bleed in his pons and I wanted to try something/anything to help speed up the recovery.

Hello @karmen

my husband did a bunch of research after my stroke and avm and started me on coconut oil. It worked for me same kind of idea. I use coconut oil in my coffee and tea - I started out on 1 tsp and worked up to 3 tsp

You can also do the pills. I even have a separate container to use as lotion and to remove my make up


I think our brains need fat to help heal -

I have ben taking fish oil since I got home from the hospital, and a couple other vitamins.
I also used an essential oil diffuser when I got home, and still do from time to time. My sister in law is into a variety of alternatives and this was her recommendation to help me heal using frankincense. I would think if it did help it was associated to the inflammation. I added the alternative therapies to what my Dr. and nurse practitioner advised. So not sure if it helped, but I don’t think it did any harm.

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Hi Jd12 Just a word of caution. Cats get sick from essential oils, I’ve been told. Over time it kills them. Maybe you don’t have a cat and possibly it’s not true but, as a cat guardian, I’d forego the use of essential oils just in case. Scented soy candles may be a healthier option. All the very best.