First update on Manford

Hi everyone, hope everything is going well for all of you. My fiancee finally got his embolization (stage1) done. Next embolization is due May but due to his not-so-optimistic recovery, it will be postponed to July.

He is well, back in his lab working on his research, but he has weak left arm and fingers still. He is unable to grip anything more than 10 pounds , currently still undergoing physiotherapy in Robert Wood Johnson centre, though he had previously been to a better rehab centre called Kessler.

Anyone tried Bioness arm before? My fiancee said it was awesome when he had his stroke, but this time around, this RWJ centre is not prescribing him this but giving him occupational therapy, and he feels that he would recover better with Bioness arm.

Thanks for mentioning Bioness, which I had not remembered hearing about before. If you run a search on this site, you will find that other members have tried it, and some have reported improvement. It is FDA approved, which is good, and there have been a few clinical trials. I could not find results about Bioness arm, but here is study report from ncbi about Bioness for gait improvement (leg):

It was a small study (45 patients), but the results were compelling.

If you make an appeal to your insurance company, perhaps you can include the article as well as a written letter from a doctor recommending the device. Let us know how this goes for you.

Almost forgot -- best wishes for your fiance's recovery, Carolyne!

Thanks dancermom, hope your boy is doing well now :) Your success story is to be admired, I meant, if you would have followed the first doctor's advice, you may not have attained such good results post-op. Great to know that members' opinion helped to make some difficult choices easier.

Thanks, Carolyne, we are extremely fortunate -- no one can tell by looking at him now that he had an AVM. That's why I am so active here; I am hoping that I can help others get the best results possible.

Glad to have you here :) Have a great day! It's 9pm here in Malaysia