First post craniotomy update 12/16/11

Hello everyone. I know it has been quite awhile since i have updated any of you. I had my surgery on November 11. The surgery was semi-successful. They were only able to remove 40% of the AVM because the other 60% was wrapped around my eye nerves(optic chiasm). Originally the MRI scans showed they were close to the chiasm but once inside they realized its wrapped around my chiasm. Also once inside they saw that the lesion had grown significantly since my last scan done in March. They also found out that the AVM was done by my brain stem. That was the 40% they were able to remove. That I am thankful for. Fortunately, I was not blinded, I have not lost feeling in my legs, or movement of them, I have motor skills, I can walk and think and feel and am not an empty shell the docs were fearing I would become if surgery didnt go well. However I did have some complications post surgery. A few hours after being in the ICU room, I had a really bad grandmal seizure which caused me to have a pinched nerve in my neck. Also, I didn't wake up immediately after surgery. I was unconscious for 4 days; pretty much in a deep sleep. They gave me a feeding tube through my nose after the seizure. That tube clogged my sinuses which caused me to get a sinus infection. Also the soap they used to cleanse surgery site caused me to have an outer ear infection. And I ended receiving my monthly gift that I have not had in close to a year. All while i was in the hospital. The doctors say that all my complications that happened after surgery except for the seizures are so rare they usually don't mention them because they are a less than 1% chance of happening. So I avoided the more "major" complications but the pain from the little ones I ended up with has been unbearable to say the least. Though physical therapy is helping with my neck and balance. The ear drops I got helped clear up the ear infection. and the pain meds help with the headaches from surgery. so all in all it has been an extremely rough month post op. I am happy to be alive, able to speak, think, see, and move. I just hope that the remaining part of this AVM doesn't rupture because there is nothing they can do about it without me going blind. They say if it ruptures or they do surgery on it I have a 100% chance of going blind. So that part still sucks majorly but there is nothing I can do about it literally. After my post op appointment monday and my visit with the new neurologist tuesday I will have move information for all of you. Until then hang in there Paradise is coming before you know it!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Patrice. I am so happy that you are still here with us. I will continue praying for you!