First entry

[ Draft ]Hi everyone. This is an awesome site, here in Australia I can only find one and it is very limited. I am a new computer owner and user I only got hooked up to the web last week and i am slowly learnig by trial and error. Please have patience with me as i have 2 high needs children and a demanding hubby and i can not always reply to your messages when i want to. Jordan our eldest is 7 i am thinking of getting him tested for avm. Jordan is a difficult child to manage. He has features of Aspergers syndrome, and suffers from anxiety, which he inherited from both his father and I . Luke is so easy to look after compared to his brother. I do spend several hours a day doing therapy with Luke . He really is a little angle. He goes to bed witha smile on his face and wakes up with a smile.

Dear Michelle, my heart goes with you. You are a special mum, so are your children. One day after the other. All the best. Love. xxx