First Embolization!

Hello everyone! Today has proven to be a very interesting day. We started with the closing of my son's PFO valve. It was a precautionary measure that seems to be a controversial topic. Following that he was then taken in for the embolization of 3 AVM's in his left arm. After three and a half hours the Dr came out, and advised us that he did not even embolize the original AVM's. The reason being that they discovered 3 more and that the shunting was much worse than those that were previously discovered. They discovered all 3 of the new AVM;s in his left hand. Two of them are intraosseous, and one in between his thumb and index finger. They were able to inject the Onyx into the venous side. They were able to occlude one by 90% and another by 75%. They plan to continue the embolization process in approximately 2 to 3 month's. The IR seemed to be very satisfied with the outcome of the procedure today and is very hopeful that he can continue to decrease the shunting further without complication's!

Thanks for updating us, Tommy. I'm not fond of surgical surprises, but we AVMers seem to get a lot of them! It sounds like some good progress was made with the Onyx, and I hope your son will be feeling better soon.

By the way, I hope your son is right-handed?