First Embolization Experience

Hey ALl,

My Husband had his first embolizations on the left side of his brain. Just wondering what side effects everyone has experienced. He has some double vision, headaches, and some loss of breath... Its been a few rough days.. Just wanted to know what others have experienced.

I just had my first done in July 2014. I too had visual disturbances and headaches for several weeks after the procedure though mine were mainly caused by a complication.

Sorry you're having such a rough go of it. My husband was my rock during those first few painful days and weeks afterward and I'm sure that even though you're worried and have no clue what's going on, you are providing your husband with such comfort just by being by his side. I know mine did. Best to both of you.

For me I had and still have bad occipital pain
I was under for about 7 hours and was still recovering from a stroke
Ice gel packs helped with the pain and every 3 months I get botox shots in my head
Th first two months were really hard. Its been almost three years and I need to go in for another embolism
I do have issues in the am when I wake up reading or seeing words on the tv
its important to stop the pain