First embo....OVER

I just got out of the hospital this morning after having my first embolization. It went very well… my doc said he is very pleased and got 2 of the feeders. There are 3 left which he is going to try to glue Tuesday but he said hes not sure if he will be able to get to the third one. I can’t believe how well everything has gone so far… I didn’t even wake up with a headache! I did have problems with my blood pressure in recovery. They wanted it under 110 and for some reason it wouldn’t stay there… so I was in recovery longer then the procedure. I was sore moving the next day but am feeling a lot better. (they made me stay 2 nights instead of the original 1 night I thought I would stay). I feel so lucky and blessed how everything is going so far… The only complaint I can make is that my arms are bruised pretty good. They put some catheter type thing in my wrist before they took me back for the procedure(Can’t remember what it is called) to closer watch my heart rate. They stuck me (i was told by my mom 8 times for it/3 different people) but i don’t remember all of them because they gave me something for the pain plus an IV in each hand. I feel extremely blessed and hope the other embo and surgery goes as smoothly.

congratulations on your successful embo. I pray the third one goes just as well. You are in my prayers. Take care.

Thank you Jessica… I have been so nervous about all of this… I feel almost relief that the first one is over and now I know what to expect… I can use all the prayers I can get to keep things going smoothly