First day at the gym! Was worried I'd never feel safe again

Follow up @Chloe

After 2 more 1.5 hour weight sessions
… no abnormal headache… just the usual headaches I get and they can be hours after

Don’t think it’s anything to do with gym… just my usual

@mike_az_21 I just noticed your question sorry

Well they did the monthly MRI or ct with contrast but after having 6 or 7 of them… I decided I don’t want them that frequently

I’m happy to help research but not at the excessive risk to me personally with radiation and all so I’ll do one periodically for them

I realise without people like me they have no data for people like everyone here to see and read! But there has to be a compromise too for my safety

The 6 month angio I pushed out to 9 months and i don’t think I’ll do another for years unless i feel bad

I don’t want my artery cut every 6 or 12 months and the other associated risks that go with it all

So I’m booked for February 2022 for another angio but I highly doubt I’ll be doing it. I think every 5 years should be adequate…

I have to agree. Sounds like a sensible decision.

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Good for you . I can’t wait to post I’m back at the gym. Just got off my rower and I do weights at home but nothing like I was until I get this embolization.

@Chloe That’s good :slight_smile:

But seriously take it easy until after embolisation and then take it easy after embolisation for as long as needed

I am only repeating it because it’s super important and I know how you feel and we all just want to get back into it asap or stay into it as much as possible but it can cause more issues so just go as easy as you can for now doing as much to keep you as happy mentally as you can :slight_smile:

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I’m scared to lift a lot of weights because my sister told me not to do it before surgery
Maybe it’s not a rational scare that I have
I’ll ask my doctor
For me the main exercise is walking 5 times per week

@rafarataneneces I was far too scared to lift anything prior to surgery as well

Every case is completely different in risk but I was told in my particular case to basically do nothing but rest until surgery so yeah ask your Dr and see what they say

He did told me after complete embolization I can do whatever I want just keep the BP normal range
He told me veins from brain are like veins from leg

They don’t pump more blood because you’re doing exercise they are regulated different

So if you feel your heart faster doesn’t mean the brain blood is pumping with more pressure

If that makes any sense

But I want to wait for the 2 year mark after surgery

That seems to be the “you made it” time


Man, I sure wish us all the best - I truly do

What I am doing personally & have so far, is find my limits.

I’m noticing some exercises rush more blood to my head than other - like for example, a decline bench & so on

I’m pulling back all of my heavy weights down 25-30%. . . This isn’t just due to the Onyx holding my brain together. But, it’s for the rest of my 40 year old body also. No more 315 pound deadlifts - 225 is plenty. . . No more 100 pound dumbbell chest presses or military presses - 70-75 is plenty

And so on

I have been into this long enough to know, that ones that last the longest aren’t the ones who are going all out till something blows.

And, between form, high rep counts & so on - I can achieve the same results as the heavy weights. . . It’s just been a mental struggle. I wanted to “see if I can do it”. I did - so, I’m done. Lol

Now it’s time to maintain

Maintaining your whole body is so much easier when you are already there. With my new workout plan, there is no way I’d get myself to grow to the size that I have. . . Big weights for big muscles is a true statement when you are trying to grow.

I’m right under 225 pounds, still - I’m done growing. . . I just want to maintain myself as long as possible.

I’m just very glad I got to do what I did when I had the chance. Now, there’s a different goal in mind. . . Again, back at the gym yesterday for almost a 1.5 hour session - I feel A ok. . . I have proven everything to myself that I needed to over the last six months.

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That’s interesting thanks. Learn something new everyday. I’ll watch my BP more so than my heart rate. I really need to get a monitor of some sort now I’ve started gym again

Atm my heart rate monitor while training is how I feel in gym and my hand on my chest lol

That’s it brother… finding our limits

From what you’ve said you’ve definently done it

Im just starting again and building up to what I feel comfortable with which is progressing faster than I thought

I tried some decline stuff and my head doesn’t “feel right” with blood but everything else feels fine

I’m not anywhere near you in lifting terms and not looking to try

I’m 92kg / 202 pounds and now I’m just trying to tone up and possibly build “slightly” but not with crazy weights (because of head)

Just feels good both body and mentally to get fit again and be out there

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Diet is still always #1

Training is #2

And, so on

I gained five pounds of crap weight when I was down for three months. I just couldn’t let myself slip - it’s so much harder to get back once lost, or some serious shit weight is gained - specially with “our” condition - or any other medical condition for that matter

I’m so thankful that I got to do what I did when I was able. . . And, without this thing in my head exploding or sustaining a serious injury.

So now, it’s time to pull back - in trainer talk, it’s very simple - form > weight. . . It actually works quite well.

When I was only able to lift ten pound dumbbells at home - I still got myself to the point of soreness & a decent pump post workout - between intensity & form you can do much more than improperly thrown around weight

Yes I’ve gained about 10-12 pounds of crap weight over 18 months

Yeah diet is first key
I was always healthy weight until about 15 years ago and I got to 280 pounds (fat) due to depression/inactivity/medication and huge excess sugar and then lost a heap to get back to good weight (mostly thru diet alone)

I agree form is super important and that’s what I’m mostly concentrating on now but I’m sore after each workout and I’ve built it up to 1.5 hour sessions and I WANT to keep going but i stop because there are so many different opinions on how long you should train. Some say 60 mins maximum 3 days a week. Others say every day twice a day if you want… I’m trying to do in the middle… I missed yesterday on purpose as I’ve only been going for 9 days and been there 4 days so that’s probably not taking it super SLOW but I’m trying lol

Me too my weights went from lifting 100lbs to 5 lb weights and rowing . That’s about it but I have to keep moving so I’m healthy after this embolization and recover well and quick. Good luck to you

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I suppose the number one thing I have learned from all of this, which applies to everything & not just fitness - is just keep going. . . Even if you’re walking with nurses holding you up through ICU - just keep going

Oh yeah, before I could even lift the 10 pound weights for the first month or so I did curls & military presses with just arm weight - sitting all day

Have a good Easter ya’ll - shit, it’s so amazing just to be here today the way as I am :pray:

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