First Arteriogram feeling nervous!

I will be going to the University of Kentucky in the morning for my first Brain arteriogram, I am super nervous and also will be glad to get it over with.

Wanda, Please try no to be so scared. I’ve had 2 and they both were not that difficult. After I had them, I had to wait for a few hours before I could go home, but I onestly didn’t feel anything. Ask the people doing the test to talk to you and before you know it…it’s over! Good luck…you will be fine!

Wanda, my husband had 5 angis with embolizations before his craniotomy...he flew through them! Just a little brusing. He was up and eating a hamburger after! And walked out of the ICU unit by 10 the next day. He would take a day or two to take it easy and then off and running.

I understand you being scared but hang in there! Wishing you the best!

Zac's wife Karen

Thanks everyone, I am home and all went well, I was a baby. I cried and everything but the nurses at U of K are fantastic and treated me so good. It was a bit painful but they gave me pain medicine. Now after sleeping the meds off I am just a little sore but feeling fine. They seem to think that everything looked good and my AVM is small, I will find out more about the Gamma Knife on the 17th when I go back to see the surgeon.