First angiogram and emobilization

I will be having my first angiogram and emobilization on June 22nd

Good Luck! I had an angiogram last week and go for my first emoblization on July 12!

Hi Erin and Kathryn, I had an embolization back on Feb 10th and they were able to treat 95% of my AVM and have had little to no side effects with this treatment. I am preparing for one CyberKnife treatment to destroy the remaining 5% of this ugly creature!!! I wish the both of much success with your embolizations and my thoughts and prayers are always with you and all my AMV friends!!!

- Michele

Hi Erin,

I'm glad to hear your AVM was discovered before it ruptured, since that would cause many more complications. My AVM was discovered when it bled in December of 2010. I was treated with emergency embolization, they got most of it. In mid February I was treated with embolization to finish whatever it could. May 11 I was treated with what we hope is the last step, Gamma Knife. I can proudly say I am feeling great, aside from some slight headaches. I used Dr Berenstein in St Luke's Roosevelt hospital, and was very happy with him and his team. Feel free to read my full story on my page. Please know that I, along with all the other members of this group, are here to help you through this difficult stage of your life, so that hopefully you will be able to return to normal life asap. Feel free to contact me with any and all questions you may have along the way... I see that you are 19 years old and I am 20, so I would assume we are going through similar parts of life (beginings of college...)

All the best!


Good luck, Erin. Mine was repaired, obliterated, in one session. It took about six hours, but I needed only one more angiogram to make sure it was all gone and I am now AVM-free. I have had no side effects and I feel better than ever. So I wish you the same success! Good luck.