First angio/embolization

So it's been forever since I posted anything, but we had put everything off for a while so we could both finish up this semester of school.

Jef had his angio and first attempt at embolization. He has an AVM under his sternum, with a feeding artery coming off the left internal mammary (which comes off of the subclavian artery), and we found out with the angio that there are three more feeding arteries...another from the L internal mammary and then two from the right internal mammary artery. The nidus is directly under his sternum, and it's draining into his pulmonary artery.

The IR he's seeing (Dr. Matsumoto at the University of Virginia) tried to embolize with onyx...unsuccessfully. He went in through the right femoral artery and tried to embolize the nidus from the L internal mammary artery...but the onyx only went in a little and then started to come back toward the catheter. So they stopped...after getting some images. I didn't get a copy yet, but am going to ask them to mail me a disc and I'll post them.

Anyway, that's a little background/update. The last thing the doc talked to us about doing was general anesthesia, going in though four different sites (L and R femoral and L and R subclavian) and possibly using a variety of liquids including onyx/alcohol/foam. This is a bit unnerving. I am trying to talk to my husband about getting a second opinion...just to have one, since this is such a bit thing now. The doctor did say that he believed his dizziness and SOB was coming from it, when before most docs we've talked to said they doubted it (including Dr. Matsumoto, before the angio)...

Anyway - has anyone had embolizations from multiple access sites during the same procedure? And I'm not sure how experienced this doctor is with alcohol...I had hope when we went in and thought this would be easy, but then we got all this's really discouraging... I'm really afraid of multiple and big procedures for this....

Tabitha, my heart goes out to you. This must be so scary and stressful for both of you.
I don’t know much about embolization BUT I agree with you that you need a second opinion!!! I think that is so important.