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So I’ve been noticing lately that when I get my migraines it has started feeling like fireants (honestly it’s the best way I can describe it). Has anyone else ever experienced this time of pain while waiting for their AVM to close?


That’s quite a description, can’t say I felt anything that I would describe like that. I did at about the 6 month mark after gamma have what i believe is some swelling. I didn’t need medication, but described it as an odd feeling. I would tell my wife its not a “headache” but my head hurts. If that makes any sense! It lasted for a few months and then disappeared. When I think of your description, if mine had caused more discomfort oit may have progressed to what you describe. Take Care, John.


My neurologist thinks it’s a neuralgia (possibly from the radiation). I have no idea though if this is a long term thing I’ll be dealing with or if it will ease off as the radiation does its job. They want to put me on gabapentin (yay another drug…not). At least I have an angiogram scheduled mid may so maybe I’ll get a better idea of where I’m standing.


Oh… sounds annoying to say the least!

There’s a new study made by a Noble prize doctor that shows that eating vegan plant based food turns off your genes that causes cancer and disease, and turns on the genes that prevents diseases! Ive done radiation therapy and ive always been vegan so I think that have helped me cause I’m not even eating epilepsy medicin anymore and I nevertheless have seizures or headaches!

The power is in the nature, plants and herbs and clean water does the trick! :heart_eyes::seedling::green_heart:

I wish that it will help you!