Finding a neurologist in Sarasota/Bradenton, FL area

My daughter relocated to FL. We need to find a neurologist near her. I find it daunting to find one who has AVM experience. My daughter had her massive hemorrhage 2 years ago and her successful craniotomy 18 months ago. (left temporal lobe) She is 22.

Also, if she needs some counseling to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, what kind of therapist is best? Would a neuropsychologist be best? How would we find a therapist who also has AVM experience?

Go to Members at the top of the page click on it then do advanced search and type in Sarasota…Tampa…Fort Myers. You can then read member’s profile pages from that area and see who they like there. Yes…you want a neuropsychologist. One that specializes in brain injuries would be helpful. Check the local TBI association…they might know someone.

Thank you! Should she go to both a neurologist AND a neuropsychologist as well?
BTW…an AVM is considered to be an Acquired Brain Injury not a Traumatic Brain Injury. Just in case that issue ever comes up. I have not read your blog. I will read it in the morning.

I agree with Barbara. A neuropsychologist was very helpful to me after my bleed. Best wishes to your daughter. I hope she can find good help.

Hi Mary's Mom,
If you're near Tampa, check with my friend Mike
Hope this helps.

I had my AVM removed two weeks ago. I went the Shands at the University of FLorida, in Gainesville FL. My neurosurgeon was Dr. Brian Hoh, the surgery was successful and he was able to remove the spinal AVM. I was very pleased with the care I received. Shands has a large Neurosurgery department, and Dr. Hoh is well experienced with AVMs. If the your daughters case is not something for him I'm sure the Neuro Dept can point you where you need to go. Gainesville is a bit far from the Sarasota area, I have heard good things about Tampa General but havn't done to much research about them.

Hi Mary's Mom,
I am in Naples & my son had a 4 cm x 4 cm AVM obliterated from his left frontal lobe back in 2006 in Miami. Was curious as to who you used for your daughter's craniotomy? We just started using a neuropsychologist here in Naples that has AVM experience & is about to complete thorough testing & evaluations. So the jury is still out on a recommendation yet. Did you find one?

Cee Cee

I would agree with pacman85's comments on Dr. Hoh. I was scheduled to have surgery with him before it was determined that my AVM was inoperable. I was very impressed with him nonetheless and have since heard many good things about him. Best of luck in your search!