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Financial help


All the doctor’s I’ve seen are recommending surgery but won’t act without insurance.One actually said that i would get the surgery i need after it ruptured. I really didn’t know what to say to that. Anyway if anyone knows of any financial assistance out there would you Please pass that along to me. Have a blessed day


I feel very bad for you! I have a AVM and live with the fear of the unknown every day. I find it unforgivable that the doctor did not direct you towards some agencies that could give you financial help with your surgery. Have your asked anyone or looked on line for help? I know of Shriner’s Hospital and they help people for free. You might contact them. Good luck. If they cannot help they may be able to put you in touch with someone that can. I certainly will be prayering for you.


Can’t you register on gofundme.com or one of those sites ppl can donate to a set target…speak to media about it and tell them how serious it is and maybe you can get some funding assistance…God bless!


Have you checked into teaching hospitals? They might waive the insurance requirements if you're willing to have residents and interns take part in your care and surgery. They are never without supervision so you needn't worry about screw ups. Now I don't know if that'll work but it's worth checking into.

Also check into Giveforward.com that might help.