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Financial assistance for those with disabilities


Hi everyone,

Have any of you applied for any of the social assistance programs or any other grants or tax credits available to those with disabilities? I'm trying to do all this for my brother, who is unable to work (indefinitely) due to mobility and speech issues following his surgery to remove a cranial AVM and I'm finding it all very confusing!
Thanks in advance!


Here are a couple of places to start.
If he can put $1500 a year into a disability pension plan the gov. matches it with $3500.plus a bond up to a $1000.
You get a tax break upto $5000 a year also.
Provincial Gov. also has drug plans such as The trillium foundation in Ontario
Good luck.


Im about to start this transition myself. I also don't know where to start. I posted a discussion yesterday on transitioning from working professional to disability. I dont know where to start. When I start looking online, it all becomes a big swirl (dizzying) There must be someone or an agency that can guide us in the process. Have you learned anything since your post?


Ed, I'm deeply sorry for not having responded earlier! For a few reasons, I haven't been on this site for months (most notably, because we thought, after his last surgery, my brother's AVM had been removed. It hasn't). Have you managed to wade through all the disability assistance? We finally have it all figured out, thanks to this wonderful organization http://www.bccpd.bc.ca/ . If you are not in BC, perhaps BCCPD can help you find an organization in your province? There's no way we could've got through this on our own! Also, note that, in many cases, people are denied assistance, but appeals are successful! Keep me posted on how it's going!



No worries! I appreciate you taking the time to read, and respond! Thank you!

I see you're in Vancouver. Small world. Im near 20th and Fraser. Where are you near?

I'm definitly going to check the organization you just turned me on to. I went to see a Registered Psychologist for the purpose of trying to sort the process out. He was very helpful (not cheap!) As I understand it, the 1st 3 sequences in my case is (in Order) 1. Disability Unemployment, Employers Long Term Disability, and the finally Welfare when that runs out. I've not initiated the process yet, but did see the GP last week to give him an indication that I will soon be asking him to move forward. I've been scared & stressed about the financial aspect. I'm trying to hang on for as long as I can, but it's near time.

You are absolutely correct in saying there's no way we could have got thru this on our own!!! The process is daunting and overwhelming at first. I can't thank you enough for your response & support! I will keep you posted.


You're in Vancouver? That's great!! I'm so pleased you'll be able to access the resources of the BCCPD! They have tons of information and advocacy help sheets on their website, and when you are ready, you can make an appointment to meet with an adovcate, who will go through everything with you. They are amazing people.

I live on the North Shore, but my brother lives downtown. He lived at GF Strong for a couple of months after his surgery, but he's able to live on his own now, which is great, although not sure how much longer he can afford it; he worked all through university and had a good job after he graduated, but has gone through almost all of the money he'd saved in that time, just to live off of. He's only 24 (23 when he had his second brain surgery) and independence is so important for him, so I really hope he will be able to continue to live on his own, even after his next treatment for this AVM.

Your Psychologist sounds like they are on the right track, as far as I know. In BC, and I think across the country, disability benefits fall under the welfare system, so it's all income and asset-related. If you have assets you want to protect, rather than dipping into to live on, you can set up a trust. BCCPD can help with that. Unfortunately, the maximum PWD (welfare) you can get is just over $900 per month...how the heck can people live off that with housing prices the way they are in Vancouver?! But at least it's something. And in many cases you can also make a certain amount per month, without penalty.

You may also want to look into the Disability Tax Credit, RDSP and CPP-D. Again, BCCPD can help with all that, it's all on their website.

Thankfully, it seems the government is making small steps towards assisting those with disabilities, so hopefully the future looks a little brighter! Good luck!!