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Financial and learning problems

Ever since I have survived my rupture I have trouble trying to be financially independent. I lost my job at the mining lab as a sample preparer and HR trainee and I am now struggling to comprehend the basics of doing online foreign exchange and doing basic programming on my own, has anyone here tried Forex trading? are you any good at it? if so can you teach me?. How are all of you coping financially? I am doing a bit of blogging regarding my medical condition as means of keeping myself occupied and hopefully earn a bit of money if it’s possible, is it allowed to post blogs or articles in this forum?


You’re always welcome to blog about your experiences with your AVM here and I think it is important for people to be able to talk a bit about normal life but if you’re going to get into the depths of forex trading, it could feel off topic. We don’t go in for politics or religion on this forum – both are more divisive than supportive and we are all about support.

So… if you want to talk about you and your AVM, just go for it. If you want to get into other subjects in any detail, you may be as well to find one of the gazillion blogging platforms out there. We do have others who blog elsewhere who might help in that regard.

And I’m pretty sure we have one or two formerly high-flying financiers here who have found since their bleed that the world of high finance can’t be for them. Whether forex trading is a good thing to get into, I don’t know. Again, I hope others will offer their experience and views.

I hope this helps,


Thanks for the feedback, i’m mostly blogging to not only tell people about myself but also share some medical information that i have picked up along the way while I was admitted in hospital, a lot of it comes from research and consulting with my doctors and neurologist.

Just go for it. If you seem to be going into areas we’re not so comfortable about, one of the moderators will step in and have a chat.

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