Finally my doctor came o day and sat down and talked to me. She said that the doctor who is going to do my emobization lives and works in germany wanted to help me. but he coulden´t come to sweden untill late febuary or beggining of march. She said they can´t wait that long so he waned me to come to germany and do the operation. So Now I´m going to Germany, Feels great that I´m finally gonna get some help. Had almost gave up hope. It´s a little scary but I´m so relieved. She said that she´s gonna talk to him and get a date and get back to me tomorrow. Hope I´ll get time to go home and hug my kids!. That´s all I long for. And to Hug Johan and my friends!! I miss them all so mutch. Good night over and out for today /God natt Happy!!!

Jag är så glad för din skull!!!Saknar dej oxxå!! Im so glad for u, miss u !!!