hi everyone!
i had my craniotomy and embolization through dr. martin at UCLA and his amazingly caring and talented staff.
they were the most amazing group of drs that i have ever seen!
from the second i got there i felt i was going to be more than fine!
everything was succesfull and two days later the AVM was completely removed and i even got out of the hopital two days early.
im at home now walking around, voiding myself, eatING AND enjoying the comfort of my own bed and not the ICU.
if anyone has questions let me know.
thank you i know all of you were right there with me the whole time and i am so thankfull for this webtsite

god bless.

Wow…you are defiantly so fortunate to be doing so well. Praise God! yay! I’m so happy for you. :slight_smile:

Matthew, so glad to hear that you had a successful surgery and are feeling good!

goo on you matthew,
Glad to hear all went well and your going fantastic…take care

Always nice to hear good news. I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well.

That is such wonderful wonderful news. Rest and take care of yourself.
Lee Ann