Finally we have a date: May 31, 2011

After much waiting, my surgery date is finally set for May 31st, a Tuesday. My pre-operative tests are complete and I am in optimal condition for a very difficult surgery and anesthesia. Now all we have to do is wait and try to enjoy life in the moment. Up until surgery, I will try to keep balanced and promises on the 31st, though. Thank you again for all of your support. I hope to write a nice post (using BOTH hands), when this is all over!

Take care,


I just marked it on my calendar. Good luck!!!

Will be "with you" all the way through the surgery and recovery!


Marie & Steve

I"m sure it will be an emotional few weeks for you but ‘attitude is everything’ and you are in a great frame of mind. Thinking of you, Vera.

I will be praying for you. Your possitive attitude will help you through this. Stay possitive.

Good luck with your surgery, I have mine the day before you but will be thinking of you if I am able
Stay strong and take care


Good luck with your surgery, I will be thinking of you on the 31st.

I had my first appointment at the Neurovascular Clinic at Foothills today. I thought I was going for a treatment plan... but scheduled for an angiogram in June and then the dr's will decide on treatment.

Prayers and good wishes coming your way. Keep up the positive attitude!!

Will be thinking of you Vera!

Will be thinking of you Vera!