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Finally - Some Good News!

Hey Guys (in a non-gender way),

Last week, I got a call from Social Security that my disability claim passed the first clearance and was being sent on to the medical determination team. Today, that team called and during the course of our discussion (she had some clarifying questions) told me at least twice that she was certain she’d get my claim approved and that I didn’t need to worry and that she’d keep tabs on it to make sure it goes through quickly. Whew! I’ll withhold the party until it’s formally approved but it would be such a relief to no longer be like the US government and be spending more than we make.

Thanks all, You mean a lot - every one of you.



Great! Glad to hear it! Now on to recovery!

Great news Tom! Take Care, John

Wonderful news Tom! Congratulations

Great news moving forward

Congratulations, Tom! It is not an easy process.

Well done,Tom. I applied for disability nearly twenty years ago and it went through without a second interview. I think the SSA have a set of keywords which trigger immediate approval and “stroke” is one of those keywords