Finally out of icu and on the floor

Well yesterday was a hard day for her…lots of throwing up and some blood pressure problems…but today is much better. They have moved her to the floor and we are back with some of the nurses she has had before. She is slowly getting around, mostly because of her vision. We have walked short trips down the hall to try and build up her strength. Its amazing how weak you can get in a short time. Her h and h is low and may need some blood tomorrow if its still low in the morning after they check it again. But all in all things seem to be going as according to the neuros plans. Hopefully we will be home by Thanksgiving and she can see her kids and they can see her. She is depressed about her vision but we keep telling her that it will improve in time…so keep those prayers coming ladies and gentlemen because I can assure you that they are working!!! Cindy

You are all in my prayers. May each day bring with it srength, progress and patience.

Cindy thats good news hopefully everyday will bring an improvement, I will keep her in my prayers.

So excited all is doing well,prayers are heading your way for sure,God bless and happy thanksgiving:) Caroline

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that she is able to spend Thanksgiving with the fam! What a wonderful thanksgiving that will be.

I so hope that Christy will be able to spend Thanksgiving with her family, but more importantly, I hope that her vision and spirits are restored. I’m praying for your family, Cindy.

Sending powerful thoughts and prayers for her! Tell her that her brain and body need rest and comfort now and to give herself lots of love and to ask for what she needs to make her feel better every day!!! Tell her there are lots of people thinking of her. I hope she makes it home for Thanksgiving but don’t let her overdo it!