Finally making progress!

Well, it's been a while but it finally feels like I may get rid of this thing. Last time I had updated the one doctor I met with wanted to get my AVM removed with a craniotomy as soon as possible. Not really sure what he was thinking, because my old pediatrics neurosurgeon and my current neurosurgeon have recently told me otherwise. They have decided that they can no longed do any more embolizations. Although surgery would be a good option for me, they seem to be more keen on radiosurgery. There is always a risk of bleeding during the surgery, and I have now been told there is risk of permanent damage to my peripheral vision if I were to get a craniotomy. My hospital recently acquired a Cyberknife machine, and I have been told it would be a good option. For now I am waiting to hear back from Toronto Western to meet with a neurosurgeon about the gamma knife procedure.

Also, I have been having odd visual migraines. It appears as though I have a blind spot directly right of the centre of my vision, and then it turns into almost a kaleidoscope pattern - diagonal lines, colours, constantly moving. This then moves to my entire right peripheral vision. They usually last about 15 minutes, and I get a mild headache and some nausea. Because of these I am getting another EEG to check for brain activity, as they think they may be focal seizures. Also going in to see an opthamologist, who is also in neurology, to try and figure out what is going on.

Needless to say I am pretty happy with all this news. I am grateful that I don't have to get a craniotomy, and am so happy with my neurosurgeons willingness to go along with whatever procedure I choose. I finally feel as though I have some say in my treatment :).