Finally heard from one of Avery's drs today!

Hello everyone and thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers. We finally heard from one of Avery’s drs today. She said that she DID NOT see any new bleeding, and no swelling!She said that she didnt think Dr. Mericle would do surgery. But it is his call. Dr. Mericle had to go out of town today, but will examine the mri’s for himself. Then we will get the official verification hopefully Thursday or Friday. They are still concerned with the TIA and are looking into that. So we will just have to wait on that. Thanks again to all of you! You can never know how much we care for you all. It feels like we know some of you very well. This is a great community to be involved in! Take care, Prayers to ALL!

happy to hear you guys have heard some news and it seems as though something is going to be done at last …stay strong and keep positive and be sure to keep me posted on averys progress with all this …you are both in my prayers xxx

prayer to you and your family and remenber to stay positive xxx

Hi Liz,

Congratulations on the wonderful news!