Finally had my SRS!

On the 26th April I finally had my radiosurgery, was previously delayed due to contracting the dreaded hopsital bug MRSA. But, its finally over, must say it wasnt the most pleasant of days and definitely involved a few tears but all done now. I am doing well, I have a sore patch on the top of my head which I am thinking may be where the beam entered?? And a wee bit tired but generally well otherwise. The docs tell me that it may take 3 years to completely obliterate the avm and that there is a 70% chance the radiosurgery would be successful ( I kinda thought it would be higher than 70% but never mind). Did anyone else who has had srs have a sore patch on there heads? Anyway thanks for reading, thats my update for now, best wishes to everyone :)

Yeahy glad it went well JillNZ, was thinking about you last week, yep I had a sore patch for a while, doc said it was normal, I’m hoping to go back to work in a few weeks, I started working on my stamina last week x

Great, one step over and now the waiting game!

I didnt have the sore patch but lots of headaches.