AVM Survivors Network

Finally good news


It’s been 6 months since my radio surgery and the recovery has been way more difficult than I was initially told. I had an MRA last week and yesterday had an appointment with my radio oncologist. He said that the AVM is starting to close off. He mentioned it’s rare to see as much of it closed off this early. That of course doesnt mean it won’t take another year and a half to two and half years to fully close off but at least the radiation is doing something. I am praying it continues and i wont need another procedure. He said the increase in my migraines are probably due to the blood flow having to be redirected since the normal routes it would take through the AVM are closing off. I really want this migraines to stop. I’m trying to stay positive and hope this nightmare ends soon. The radio oncologist gave us the green light to start our family but with the amount of migraines and meds I’m on I dont knoe if its going to be possible.


Good to hear, and nice there’s been such success this early in the process. Nice to get the green light on starting a family but you are certainly smart to make sure the time is right for that. Take Care, John.