Finally getting answers on my mood disorder-yay!

Well, They taking me off my lexapro and amitriptyline this month and are adding a mood stabilizer. Which they believe will balance me out, lets hope! The month has been really hard I have one more week, the first four days I cried none stop. My new doc says he may still add an anti-depressant later, but for now just wants to try this. Still feel like human lab rat!!! My new therapist will be talking one on one with my neurologist so I guess that is good and promising. Trying to be hopeful for the future, one baby step and then a day at a time. I did find out it’s all connected to the fact my Avm is on the right side of my brain, which I suspected. Well, I’ll let you all know how it turns out.
Sheila Hillhouse

Hey there Sheila, My AVM is on the right side behind my right eye and is up against the frontal lobe. It causes a lack of inhabitions and I now wear my emotions on my sleeve. I did cry all the time after the first bleed and embolization. It got better. Then after the second embo it came back some. I am emotional but I am not on any medication for it other than the herb Valerian that I take when I get emotional or a little bitter. It help me a lot.