Finally gave in and got a medical bracelet

Just picked my medical alert bracelet after work today. I've always been hesitant to wear one, because I don't like for people to know my business. However, this bracelet is very inconspicuous and doesn't shout to the world "keep an eye on me, please!" I don't know if I'm the only that has ever felt that way, but at least my family and I will have a little reassurance when I am out traveling alone. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the great weather this time of year! Take care. GK


Hum. It's funny (odd) that you mentioned this. I'm 52 and I live alone. My family has suggested I wear one too. My problem is - I don't like to wear a bracelet. Heck, I don't even wear a watch for that matter (hee hee).

Can I ask: What does your's say on it?

Hey Ben, second photo..... VP SHUNT RT BRAIN AVM

Greg, thanks for planting the seed.
Ben Mrl, I’m the same way, so I just ordered a chain to wear around my neck. Okay, some call it a necklace, but I prefer chain. :wink:

I like the chain idea. I have never worn a bracelet before either, but I am getting used to it and even play golf with it on. Honestly, I haven't taken it off since I got it, simply because it's a real pain in the ass to clip it on! haha I always wear some sort of rubber, awareness bracelet anyway so this one just adds to that wrist. GK

Hey Tim,
That's a good idea. A chain I would wear.

Greg, thanks for the idea, I never would have thought about it before your blog. When I asked for opinions, it quickly became apparent that there were to many good reasons to wear one.

Tim, my pleasure. Initially I thought I would never wear one, but after my latest shunt malfunction I realized if I were alone and something happened they wouldn't know where to begin!


Been thinking I may need to get one. Anyway, before the bleed I was an avid cyclist. A typical ride would be at least 30 miles. Anyway, I wore a Road ID. It's for cyclists, runners, etc. It is a rubber bracelet with a stainless aluminum band that one could engrave contact numbers, medical info and the like. I had the numbers of my older brother and his wife. When the paramedics took me to the hospital, I gave them the Road ID so that my family could be contacted.


That's a good idea, Greg. Something inconspicuous, yet effective. I think most probably already know, but I just recently recently listed my contacts in the my iphone emergency call option, in case my phone was locked if something ever happened. GK