Finally, alittle good news

All my persistence and hell raising finally paid off, today I got a Neurosurgery appointment scheduled to finally get the ball rolling on getting rid of this thing!!! I meet with him May 7th, possibly sooner if they can squeeze me in but insurance and everything worked out so I am good to go. Thank you ALL for your support as I know I have been a raving basketcase which is so not like me, but when your Neuro tells you that you have a ticking time bomb in your head and no one wants to help it can drive you to the point of hysteria. I promise now with the end in sight you will see more of the normal Jo, the more supportive Jo now, and all will be ok up until surgery time when I will probably be alittle crazy again lol.
Thanks for your help guys and thanks for putting up with me!

Jo, both the raving basket case Jo, and the “normal” Jo are welcome here; both are good, appropriate and healthy things to be. You are among friends, and can always let your hair down. Good news about your appointment!

Thats awesome news jo,hope everything works out in the best possible way for you,
Take care,Theo :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about acting crazy - we’ve all been there (some of us still are!)
Are you having a craniotomy?

That’s good news, Jo! I’m glad you finally got an appointment! =)

Jo: may God be with you. I have been so blessed since my surgery and my recovery. Everything will be OK. Mike )