Finally able to use a computer, with help

It’s been nearly 2 months since the surgery and I am finally feeling well enough to be on the website. The surgery on May 31st was 12 hours, and was successful. Immediately after I was able to move my left toes. 7 days out I had a freak massive stroke but through quick action, I survived. The stroke resulted in brain herniation and damaged some of my cranial nerves. I have however, had to endure a 3 week ICU stay, 3 intubations, and a tracheotomy. While in ICU I had a profound anaphylactic reaction to ramipril which prolonged my stay. After finally getting my feeding tube out and stabilizing, I moved to the rehab ward where I get daily multidisciplinary treatment. I am getting some function back in my leg and arm, and am positive that the rest of the function will also come back. My neurosurgeon, who I believe is a genius and very caring man, believes that once the intense swelling subsides, all function will return. It’s amazing to be a doctor and to learn the health care system from the inside.

wishing you all the best on your journeys


Vera, my prayers are for a recovery for you. It is tough to be in ICU, Trach, rehab. Hard to spend that much time and not function. Your neurosurgeon is right, that swelling took some time to go down. For me the first 6 months was a big reduction and mine told me at one year would be a big difference and he was right. What kind of AVM did you have and location?

Good Heavens Vera…what a journey you have survived! I will continue praying for your complete recovery!

Hi Vera…So happy to see that you are now able to be back on the computer so we can “check” on you! Keep the Faith!

Woohooo!! Hi Doc. It’s great to get an update - as awful as it is, going through what you have. I have thought so much of you and Ben, and I know you shall come back to your wonderful self, taking baby steps. You shall get better, because one day we want to see you in Australia, as promised. Stay positive, and keep persevering Vera. Hugz, Tony

It’s good to hear from you. What an incredibly difficult few months it has been for you. Sounds like you are making good progress. You will continue to improve each day. The medical community will be lucky to have a doctor who has been through what you have. Best wishes on your continued recovery!

Vera!!! I am SO glad to hear from you and that you are okay!!! It sounds like you have been thru so much; so overwhelming to read all of that and your doctors must have been amazing. I am glad you are getting better every day and I hope your rehad goes well. Again, so glad to hear from you. Keep us posted when you have the energy and take good care. Give my regards to your husband…he must be so tired as well after all the worry.

You’ve had quite a rough time these past few months. I’m glad to see you’re recovering. You will continue to get stronger every day, keep working. The medical community is going to be very lucky to have a doctor like you. One that has been on the other side. Best wishes for continued recovery!

Vera, I have been wondering about u? I’m sorry to hear about ur ICU stay, but SO HAPPY to know u are on the road to recovery!:slight_smile: Thoughts and prayers are with u. -GK

Holy moly Vera! It is so good to hear from you! It is wonderful news that your surgery was so successful and I will continue to pray for your full recovery. A sign in the physical therapy office I work at use to read something along the lines of…positive thinking is such a small thing but it makes such a huge difference! Keep up the positive thinking and the fight. - kate

Thank you all for your support!

I am walking now with one assist and my shoulder is firing up…both make my family so excited. It’s going to be still 2-3 months in hospital and months of out-patient work after that.

Take care,