Final result from neurosurgen of GKR

Final result from neurosurgen of GKR where they have all the original scans of my bleeds (i have 3), from the first to the last, and now all the GKR scans of the 2 doses…they say that they can comfirm, that they have managed to wipe away 90% of my AVM. Fab result - 10 years earlier, i was told i would never be able to have any treatment,…but here i am now. Of course it would have been better to have it all gone totally, but they say some of it is just too deep to br removed.

Ive had no bad effect from my 2 doses of GKR, i hope now to live a normal life, and get old and grey! :slight_smile:

That’s great news–keep up with your checkups, and maybe soon there’ll be a way to get rid of the last 10%!

Great news!!! I’m still battling the decision to do anything with mine! and I agree with JH…technology has come along way!

Super Hurrah!

Yeah! Technology is amazing… medical technology even more amazing. Keep us posted!

Good on you Richard!! I am so happy for you…I am going to get old (already grey I’m afraid).
Enjoy every minute of your life; my prayers are for you, take care.

Great news Richard. Even if you do get grey, who’ll know since you shave your head :). A Fabulous look, by the way!

thx all, very kind by all, hope others do get the oppurtunity also!

lol trish yes thats true, i guess thats quite an old pic now (doesnt time just fly!) i now let the hair grow a lot longer, no grey yet tho! :slight_smile:

YaYYYY Richard!!! Many more blessings to come and old and grey are 2 of them :-)))))


I had gamma knife and had some side effects. But my AVM is still very large. I guess
Proton Beam is better but insurance only would pay for Gamma. But that was years ago. I too was told there was no help available. I’m glad to hear you have had success with it. The one thing I don’t want is them to cut mine out. It would leave me paralyzed on my left side and a burden to my brother. I just couldn’t deal with that.:frowning: So I keep going along hoping seizures won’t be visiting, which is not a constant occurance. I feel pretty lucky that I haven’t had a major bleed.
Take care!

hi mary i hope they can do something else for u. Myself was never given the option of Proton Beam. Im sure they will be able to remove some more of the AVM, just depends how deep the damage is, and i cannot remove every last bit. Still removing some is quite a blessing :slight_smile: