Final Battle

Hi all, I haven't been on this site for many months. My fiancee is finally given green light to go for his embolization tomorrow and then on the following Tuesday, craniotomy to remove almost all of his AVM. He had bled twice since 2010 and now it is going to be his final battle to remove it for once and for all.Please keep him in your prayers, I'm still very sad that I am not able to go there to be beside him due to financial constraints.

It hurts to be waiting for news but I will be getting updates after he is strong enough for phone calls because apparently, fiancee is still not family, they will only inform the parents and immediate family members but since they are all here in Malaysia, I wouldn't be expecting them to call for updates. So all I can do is wait.

Best wishes for a successful surgery and full recovery for your fiance!

I hope everything goes well for your fiancé!