Final Appt. with my Neurosurgeon

Yesterday I went to see my Neurosurgeon re: fourth angiogram report. After looking at all the photos, he said the sweetest words to me: "Lesley, I don't want to see you here again". I was so very excited and happy, i just had a quick cry of happiness.

I asked him if my head was now "normal" ( I meant as normal as it can be), and he said "Lesley, there is absolutely nothing b....y normal about your head"!! LOL. He then told us that it was the biggest AVM he has ever seen, 6x5 by 3x4, and he still sees it in his mind.

So, after 16 months of seeing this great man, this part of my life moves on. I won't say that I will miss him, but I am so grateful to God for giving him the skill to keep me alive. I'm grateful for the doctors, rehab staff, my GP (who found the AVM), my husband, family and friends for sticking with me and last but NEVER least, my AVM family and the special friends I have made here. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you all. Lesley.xx



I am so damn happy for you I could just bust,…!!
(I know,…it’s going to be messy,…my busting up over everything),…lol

Lesley,…warm fuzzy huggs to my good friend in the land down under.

Your friend,…always,…


Ah William, thanks you so much…you gave me a great laugh!!

Such good news to hear, Lesley!

Congratulations. Take it easy and enjoy yourself this weekend. You’ve earned it.

Alright, Congrats Lesley.


Wow and congratulations!!! That’s gotta be the best ‘gift’ ever!
Happy, HEALTHY Holidays to you & yours,

Lesley…isn’t it great when your neurosurg saying by, by! Although I love him for saving my life, I also was so greatful when he said, I don’t need to see you again! My doc called me his miracle, as I’m sure your doc feels the same way about you! Congratulations, sweet Girl! Yehhhhh…we won!!!

Congratulations, Lesley. That’s wonderful news. Definitely a Thanksgiving to celebrate!!!