Feeling pretty healthy

I have been feeling very healthy lately…not having headaches or anything. I hope this is a sign that the cyberknife is working to shut down my AVM. I am very eager to get a catscan to see how it all looks but it may be awhile before they schedule one.
The only odd health thing is that I am always so fatigued…but that could be winter.

Hi, Dianne-
I was fatigued almost everyday for 2 years after the bleed/cyberknife. Its gotten a lot better lately- i may have 1 or 2 tired days a week.
Once thing I had to work on was my diet- just a thought for you. High protein, Vitamin B supplements and I cut down on the processed sugar.

Glad to hear you are feeling healthy. That is a good thing and something to definitely be delighted in! I always enjoy the times when I feel well.
The fatigue, I can’t really comment from experience with Cyberknife, but all of these treatments, they do take a toll on the body and our minds. So I am sure there is a correlation! But Brian makes a very good point, diet and exercise (as much as you can) will help in many ways.
But go ahead and blame it on winter! I think that is a very good call. We should take a poll and see if those who live in the warm, wonderful, tropical locals have the same “blah” fatigue!!!

I’m glad that you’re feeling better, Dianne.