Feeling lost n broken

Hey guys its been a while since I’ve been on here…in 2010 i was diagnosed wit an AVM that hemorrhaged …I was also diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebral n papilla demo…it felt like my whole world was falling apart not to mention I felt horrible alllll the time…I got gamma knife for the AVM n little by little began feeling better…I started school to become a medical assistant n was feeling like it was all behind me…for the past month my migraines have been really bad n today I found out the swelling in my brain is back…I can’t help but feel depressed…I’m so tired of being sick I want to feel 100% again n like I have control…

Hello I thought I was the only one with the same problem I was diagnosed with both avm and pseudo tumor cerebri which I have constant headaches. My avm is unruptured and soon to be treated by surgery but as the pseudo I’ve been on and off of diamox because I cannot tolerate it so now I’m on lasix pills but now I’ve notice my headaches are more frequent. I know exactly how your feeling I’m sorry that you and I are going through this hun it sucks sometimes I have good days but most are bad!

All we can do is take it day by day…I just hate that I can’t find any good doctors out her in Texas n health insurance is hard to get…I had to go bk to my to get good help but ended u comin bk home to texas

Wow that really sucks sorry to hear and I live in New York I hope and pray I’m dealing with good neurosurgeons.

Hi Biba311. I found an old blog which might be helpful for your migraines…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/profiles/blogs/migraine-1?xg_source=activity
It is so easy for people to say think positive but it is almost impossible when you are in pain.
I would click on members and do an advanced search for members who live in Houston or San Antonio. They are larger cities and probably have better doctors. I would also recommend going to one of the next TX AVM event. Usually happens about 3 times a year. It helps to know that others have gone through this ordeal too. I will be praying for you!

Don,t give up! I was diagnosed with AVm in the cerebellum in 1995. After many surgeries and craniectomy I found out the AVM goes thru my brainstem. I've had several gammaknife treatments that all work over a period of years. I AM ALSO TIRED OF BEING SICK! Nonetheless I got sick in the middle of nursing school. I thought It was all over for me, but I stuck it out and was able to graduate with an associates degree in nursing and psychology minor. I am only few credits away from bachelors in nursing and psychology major. I am still unable to work but I am somewhat in control of my faculties and my life. You must realize we will NEVER be 100% again, but put 100% into everyday! Be grateful for what God has given. :)