Feeling Impatient

Its been over a month now, she is not very responsive… occasionally she obeys commands. She Opens her eyes throughout the day but no focus… she has not made a single sound since… I’m dying to see her smile and hear her voice… she has had a few infections and even had a reaction to one of the meds which caused her kidneys to stop functioning… however they recovered after dialysis… she has had a cerebral shunt placed, the tracheostomy and a feeding tube still… its just getting harder each day… anyone have anything close to something like this they saw a loved one go through or themselves… ct scans look good per the doctors. They still say because she is so young she has chances to recover, however yesterday a doctor at the hospital stated she has seen 2 patients with similar cases one never recovered other did after a year… I dont want to lose hope or give up on her ever…

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Hello Khaira09
I am so sorry. I was in a coma from having a massive rare stroke which later caused my avm/DAVF- I had to learn how to talk,walk and do math again. I was 43 when this happened. I was not getting better until my husband started to give me coconut oil. He would put a tsp in my tea- We need good fat for our brains to heal. Then he worked up to 3 teas a day so 3 tsp total a day. I recovered and went back to work 13 months after my stroke and I had my 1st angio.embolism about 3 months before I went back to work.
Keep talking to her. She can hear you. She may have some short term memory issues. I also found it hard to watch reg tv it was too fast so I started watching old movies.
Also it was like my brain was thirtsy I craved jam which I normally dont eat and I ate a ton of Baskin Robbins ice cream and fruit popsicles

also I started to take turmeric but ask the doctor cause its a blood thinner - I still do the coconut oil and turmeric but the turmeric I only do 2 or 3 times a week since I still have my DAVF.

Our brains need sleep to heal as well but my primary asked them to take me off one med topamax cause she said I was sleeping too much - The doctors thought it would take me 3 years to recover and that was before the DAVF.

I also did gamesforbrain,com and word puzzles. I could not read for about 6 months nor did I want to see people or talk on the phone.

Also 2 years ago I started to do medical marijuana gummies and liquids and after a year there is no sign of the 4 strokes I had. My dentist thinks it was the marijuana.
If she cant take the coconut oil rub a bunch on her feet and hands daily.

Dont give up. I know its hard being the caregiver and questioning yourself as I have been on that side as well. You have to be strong for her and not show your worry. Encourage her gently and talk to her as if everything is going to get better. She needs hope. I felt like I was trapped in my body mind and could not talk its horrible. Saying one word is like lifting the heaviest weight you can lift one time and then you are exhausted. Try giving her a pencil and paper - after my 4th stroke my hudband did this and I was able to tell him what I was thinking etc. Its actually a different part of your pain for writing then speech.

Good luck and big hugs

Thank you, nurses have told us to not use coconut oil or do massages as it can cause blood clots to travel… :-/