Feeling great

After another 2, 5 months - i am 5,5 months after crani now and I must say, as the things in my family and around me got better, I got better too. I am very good, even so I am not completely recovered, but my psychological disorders got so less. I am not angry anymore and even my anxiety disorder lessend so much, that I think i feel even better than before the crani. I don´t stress and think so much about things that could happen to me, as I did before,I am much more relaxed and don´t freak out so easy. It makes me lucky now, when the weather is good and the sun is shining and I can go out. I go out a lot, I take walks for hours when i have the chance.and I am sure that this walks helped me a lot in my recovery. I am happy now so often - just out of the blue and i even have feelings back I thought i had lost a long time ago...I am thankful and I wanna give u hope and be the example that things can get better....pls stay strong and take care XXX

Hi Manux...so happy to hear that you are finding that "silver lining" thru all you have been thru and you are finding happiness and peace thru it all :))! God Bless YOU!!!


Hi Manux! That is great news. Stay positive and always hang in there! Thanks so much for sharing this very good thing. You go girl!! :J