Feeling Down

I’m feeling a bit down today and I think it’s because I want to get my hair cut, but I don’t want to sit infront of a mirror for an hour to remind me of my condition, any tips on hairdressing for facial AVM’s would be gratefully recieved. I shaved my head when I first got diagnosed thinking it would be something I could do myself with a shaver, but my girlfriend doesn’t really like it and I don’t know if it really suited me? The easiest thing to do would be to get her to cut it but she isn’t very good and gets excited with the scissors which is a real worry. I have been feeling really good after my most recent Embo (embo No2) with my swelling dramatically reduced and a new confidence as a result, but sometimes there are lowes like when you relize that your still going to have to live with the fact your face will never be normal, you catch an unflattering reflection in a window or mirror or when someone stares at you or remarks on it, it can knock you back down in an instance. I hope everyone else is feeling good and if not then this little Healing application for I Phones or I Pod Touches is great -

Visulize Healing with Andrew Johnson available as an application at the I Tunes Store, five star in my assesment.

hey roland, sorry for the delay.
i was thinking about your post for a day.
do you have a regular hairdresser? (one that you have gone to two or three times) if so, and if you feel comfortable enough, maybe you can ask them to not sit you right infront of a mirror.
i understand your feelings, when i am at the hairdressers (3 hrs at least) i tend to notice my weakness in the right side of my face. (it is a lond time to look in the mirror)

it’s strange that people get a little happy while holding scissors. im the same as your girlfriend.

hey roland, we (avm survivors) are a little different and people will be ignorant, they will stare, they will ask questions out of concern or just pure morbid curiocity, but it is up to us how we handle it. i dont have an answer for you on this one.
i am the same as you, i have days when people can stare till the cows come home, and then i could have a day when, if i feel that just one person has noticed my “disability” i am just gutted.

i always rise above it. keep positive thoughts. let us know how you are keeping.
thinking of you xxx

Hey Roland,
I know a lot of hairdressers that will come to your home. Look in the yellow pages in the phone book i bet u can find a travelling hair dresser. That being said i must tell you that judging from your photo i think you look fine. I think your a handsom man, and your gf thinks your great so who cares! You’ve got your girl and no one else should matter. We can be our own worst critic.
Cheer up! Stay positive!

Hi Roland,
Sorry you are feeling down. I was wondering if you can just ask the hairdresser to have you face away from the mirror. They don’t use it really to cut the hair. I know you probably have thought about it already but hope it helps a little. Where are you from? I know here where I live a friend of mine goes to peoples homes and cuts there hair. Maybe check into that around your area. Then you wouldn’t even have to leave the house how easy right!! Plus no mirrors to bother you. And remember we all have done/ bad days we just have to look forward with our heads up! Take care

Hi Roland. Everyone has days like this and with your condition to deal with on top of everything else stressful in life, sometimes it is just too much and you need to let yourself feel sad sometimes! Give yourself today to regroup and do some stuff that makes you feel good and I bet tomorrow or the next day you will feel up to the haircut. I agree with Ashley, you are a very handsome young man so there are no worries there! …but I’m sure there are some days that all you see in the mirror is your cheek.
You seem to have all these amazing strategies for lifting your spirits and staying healthy so hold your head high and do something nice for yourself.
Tomorrow will be better.
ps…I am dying to get an Itouch and if I ever get one, I will for sure check out that app. you recommend.

well id stick to the shaving its great and you look rather handsome so I wouldnt be worrying! I to am having a sucky few days I just feel as if some days it all just gets to much, I try and not think about my avm but them I get numbness or a headache and then my whole day is spent thinking of it, take care buddy and go do something that makes ya day!

Roland, Sorry to hear you are feeling down but can tell you being the father of what I feel are three handsomee young men, that you are quite a handsome young man yourself. I think your beard is great and wish so much I could grow one, unfortunately my AVM affected the hair growth on right side of my face so I can’t. However, you look great with a beard and I am sure just fine without it. If people stare or make comments you have to just shake it off and drive on. I will be having a good day and someone will ask me if I fell, if I have acne, etc., etc. etc. Some are very rude when they do it and I shake them off very politely and drive on, When I am alone I, like you, will get down and then I remind myself how much the Lord loves me, my wife loves me and my kids and that lifts me back up. Sounds like you have a great grilfriend who loves you for you, what’s on the inside and not just your looks although I would bet she thinks your are so handsome. Anyway, keep your chin up and know a lot of people are thinking about you. I can’t begin to tell you how much your notes of encouragement have meant to me, so thanks for all your support! I will be thinking of you and as always you are in my prayers! v/r Steve

I hope you are feeling better, you sure look good !!!