Feeling blessed and unlucky all at the same time!

Just about two months ago my 22 year old daughter Alex was rushed to the ER. She and her boyfriend Chris were hanging out watching a movie. Alex suddenly began to complain of a severe headache and within minutes could not speak clearly and collapsed on the floor. Acting without hesitation Chris called 911. She was rushed to Palomar hospital which was only 4 min from their home. Chris accompanied Alex to the Er and then I got the phone call that every parent dreads.

Something was wrong...they were prepping her for surgery..maybe it was a stroke.

This was a healthy, happy 22 year old girl living her dream. She was in her first year of Culinary school and had a job at Stone Brewery which she loved. She had also met a man that was wonderful and she loved dearly. Very few 22 year old people are on such a great path so early.

My own life has been challenging since childhood, but I always said...at least I have three beautiful, healthy children. I was so happy to see her life going so well. And then BAM!

I ran into the ER trying to convince myself that it couldn't be this bad...her Dad was already there with his wife, parents and sister. Her brothers were with me that night< Her Dad and I were told there was a good chance she was not going to make it through surgery...and if she did....??????

6 hours of praying, 6hours of torture, 6 hours of God..please take me instead!!!! Why her Why Her?

Hi Janet. I was a little bit older when my parents got the dreaded call. I had just turned 30 less than a month before I had my bleed. No symptoms prior to the stroke. My mother was a former Navy Nurse and worked during the Korean Conflict. She knew what an AVM was. 2 Navy Admirals both female ...friends of hers said I would not survive intact. The doctor told my father who was a retired Naval Officer that I had less than 2 hours to live. I was given Last Rites. Guess I am just a little bit ornery but I loved proving all of them wrong!

It is still early yet but I am praying for you and your daughter! BTW..I returned to work 12 months after my stroke as an Int'l Flight Attendant!!!!!!!

Wow, Janet. That makes me cry to read. I hope she continues to improve every day. Anything is possible.