Feeling Abandon!

After 4 years my husband and I found a great doctor found my AVM and everything. I call to ask checkups about my angiogram coming up since its been a year since surgery but when i called my doctor-Dr. Wisenger, they said he RETIRED!!!! I got no letter about it never was notified or anything. What do i do now? Where do i go. There might be other doctors in his office but why?? Im scared to get a new doctor. I liked my doc he knew all about me, i was comforable with him. I have left several messages on there phone and have heard nothing back...i am really just feeling abandoned and thinking maybe it is a sign..i dont know, has this happend to anyone else?

Well, our first Dr had the nerve to DIE on us--can ya believe it?

We did get a ltr from his office that said the doctor "would no longer be able to see patients." We googled his name and found his obit.

Best wishes in your search for a new Dr.

Ron, KS

Hi britt and Ron. Jessica Ables another member here also lost her neurologist due to a heart attack. Let us face it sometimes we are forced to make changes when we think we are not ready to make them. Just having an AVM is prime example of this fact. Our comfortable world is gone in a second flat. We are survivors and we are strong. Please Britt let us know what happens!

I have needed to get my neuro to get some things for work clearance lately and when she advised she was not available for a while my employer suggested getting someone else. I understand how you would feel so my only advice is to try and find someone that is reputable in that same location your past Dr was at so they have access to everything in your history. Good luck & God bless...

Hi britt,
I know how devastated you must feel! :(
After 10 + yrs of being in the care of my first NS, he too retired & I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under my feet!
Fortunately I knew my present NS & all turned out ok. :)
If your retired NS had assocs., or was affiliated w/a hospital, medical facility, hopefully someone there can direct you to another GOOD dr.
Take care & know you'll find another 'perfect' dr. for you.